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Can you believe it? Fleur de Cee is a few months shy of its 1st birthday! We’ve  been preoccupied with things going on in our household, but plan to post more here and across our social media more regularly. We’re natives of New Orleans who, after living in various places over many years, realized there’s no place like home. We settled on the North shore of Lake Pontchartrain because wanted to stay close to our roots, especially now that we’re back in the metropolitan area. As you read through our posts, you’ll discover a bit more about our history, our experiences while living in other parts of the world, and how our paths ultimately led us back to our home. We’ll share a mix of what it was like to grow up there and what we miss, what it looks like now, and how being away has affected our view of the city.

Whether or not you’ve ever visited The Crescent City, you’ll most likely be drawn by its diverse culture, tempting food, and the overall “vibe” of the people who live there. What better way to learn about a city than to see it through the eyes of a native? Having said that, it’s more than just about being from New Orleans; we’re very family oriented and we want to give Fleur de Cee a more human “feel” by sharing some of our daily lives with you, our readers.

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