Moving Fleur de Cee Blog Posts —> Writeful Mind

One thing I’m really good at is believing that I have the capacity to contribute to a gazillion blogs and still have time for everything else I want to do. Writeful Mind has “acquired” the posts of 4 different blogs since its creation and I do believe I have finally learned my lesson ~ no more new blogs!

Fleur de Cee started out as a retail business venture, but we couldn’t compete with the other “big names” out there; time constraints and personal circumstances did not help either. We still plan to pursue some of the photography projects we planned and continue with the reviews of local businesses and restaurants.

The domain expires in a couple of months and we decided to continue the review posts on Writeful Mind. Our past posts aren’t disappearing! You can still access them here. We will unpublish this blog when the domain expires.

In closing, we would like to say “thank you”, from the bottom of our hearts, for the follows and comments and we hope that you will visit {and subscribe to} Writeful Mind. Your continued support is greatly appreciated!

God Bless You.

Carol & Chris
Authors / Co-Owners, Fleur de Cee