Rediscovering New Orleans…One Memory At a Time 

It’s funny how, despite time and distance, two people can lead eerily similar lives.

As Chris and I became reacquainted {after 35 years of not being in contact}, we discovered many parallels in experiences and life events. In 1989, we both left New Orleans in search of different things. We both saw the opportunity to see the world beyond the Crescent City’s boundaries. Eventually, I would move to the United Kingdom and live there for 16 years, while Chris spent time in Maryland/D.C. and, subsequently, Pennsylvania. We both agree that we enjoyed some relief, living in a more temperate climate…but that snow pretty much ruined that for both of us. {grin}

As it happens, we both lived away from the city long enough to miss it and develop an appreciation only possible after a prolonged absence. For me, it was 23 years and, for Chris, 27 ~ far too long to be away from our loved ones, the Southern hospitality, the food, the culture, and the familiar comforts of home. The beauty of returning home has to do with the fact that New Orleans “looks” and “feels” different from the New Orleans we grew up in and even the one we left in 1989.

Chris and I are 3 months apart in age and we grew up in the ’70’s and ’80’s. Although we lived in New Orleans for 25’ish years, we feel that our extended time away has allowed us to see the city through fresh eyes. As we explore and rediscover our old haunts, we will capture images and share the stories behind them to give you, our readers, an insightful look at New Orleans, through the eyes of two people who grew up there. I believe that to truly learn about a city, one must see it through the eyes of a native; the nostalgic sentimental flavor adds greater depth and meaning to any story.

That we’re together, making new discoveries about our city, amazes us. We were separated for 35 years, destined to be reunited at just the right time.

When fate talks to you twice, you listen. ❤️


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