A Different Sort of Path

Road to a new life

When I take WordPress courses, I like to think about the assignments a little and approach from a different angle. The theme for the Day 2 was “Street”, so I opted for a different sort of path. When I took this picture, I was sitting on a plane headed for Atlanta {eventually winding up in Pennsylvania}. The view through my window was a new path, one I’d never taken before. For the first time since my son was born 23 years ago, I was actually taking a vacation. I was flying to Pennsylvania…by myself. Anyone who knows me knows that going away without my kids was something I never took lightly. Being away from them for a week was difficult, but necessary. It was a start of a new life, a new year, a new decade, leaving the rough times behind. For the first time in a long time, I felt comfortable with looking ahead, excited for the new adventures we would have. I decided I would no longer look back {except to reminisce about the good things} or focus on the destination. Living in the moment, taking a day at a time, and enjoying the journey is really what matters.

Until next time…



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