The Joy of Thunderstorms

rainy windshield image
Waiting out the storm…

When I was little, I was afraid of the noise that thunder made. I would put my fingers in my ears to block it out until it was over. Funny how something that caused me such distress as a child is now something I enjoy…simply because I’m an introvert. Thunderstorms are ideal introvert weather. It’s not that we need any old excuse to stay home, but when it’s storming outside, curling up in bed or comfy chair with a good book is way more enticing.

And then there are times when the skies open up while we’re running errands; we simply stay wherever we are, watching the downpour sitting in our cars or from just inside a store and waiting for the rain to “let up” so we can make a mad dash to wherever we need to go without getting TOO wet.

I snapped the picture this past Spring while we were waiting outside of a grocery store. We didn’t make it inside that day because the rain just wouldn’t let up. Not that I minded ~ I can’t the only one who finds watching the water patterns on the windshield totally relaxing.

Until next time…



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