Where To Get Great Coffee In and Around New Orleans

This, the first post of a new series ~ Best Of the Best, was inspired by Chris. Since being back home after almost 30 years, he has made it his mission to find the best versions of our favorite foods and the services that we utilize. As he’s rediscovered the things he’s missed about our hometown, he has found that our little town on the outskirts of New Orleans has some unexpected “bests”. Our search for other “bests” aren’t necessarily limited to Slidell, but it’s a good place to start. Of course, opinions and personal tastes are subjective, but we want to highlight some places that may be lesser known so you can try for yourself.

Without further delay ~ our first review post.

P.J.'s Coffee of New Orleans cafe
P.J.’s coffee is delicious!

P.J.’s Coffee of New Orleans

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love going to P.J.’s Coffee of New Orleans. Even P.J.’s knows they’re tops in my book {if their tweets and likes on Twitter and Instagram are anything to go by}. Their lattes, iced coffees, and Velvet Ices {P.J.’s answer to a “frappuccino”} are damn near perfect every time.

When I was living in the U.K., I developed a habit of going to a local café to write over coffee because it was a necessary escape. Incidentally, my favorite place across the pond was Caffé Nero {the subject of a separate blog post, perhaps}. I really miss that place and I’d probably have to alternate between the two, if Caffé Nero ever appeared in Slidell {they do have a few locations in Boston, so there’s hope!}.

After moving back home, I had to find a new “glorified office” as part of my usual method of settling into a new place. I prioritize finding the places that offer my usual creature comforts ~ a Church, the local library, a café, and a park {for hanging out in cooler weather, of course!}. With memories of Caffé Nero echoing in my mind, I walked into the local P.J.’s for the first time, feeling a bit skeptical. I immediately fell in love with the ambient atmosphere ~ small, but warm and welcoming. P.J.’s is the epitome of a New Orleans café ~ apart from Café Du Monde, of course. There is nothing “corporate” about this company; it’s inviting and intimate. There aren’t many tables, which is a good thing {unless I go when it’s busy and I can’t get one 😥 }. The lighting isn’t glaring, which I also like. As an aside, I absolutely love the way the lighting looks in the evening before the café’s closing ~ beautiful.

The counter at P.J.'s cafe
Where the {P.J.’s Coffee} magic happens!

Ordering is simple: Choose your preferred drink and then your flavor{s} from a long list of options. Some of the flavors are seasonal ~ Pumpkin Spice, Egg Nog, Peppermint, King Cake ~ and there are no limits. If you ask the baristas for recommendations, they will suggest flavor mixes that satisfy any palate and I have never been disappointed. The regular baristas ensure consistently delicious drinks; I have never had to ask anyone there to remake a drink. Ever.

Coffee mugs at P.J.'s
On my wish list ~ one of P.J.’s coffee mugs!

If you’re interested in brewing P.J.’s coffee at home, they sell bags of coffee beans in different varieties ~ flavored, medium roast, dark roast, and decaf ~ and grind them upon request. Also available are really cool P.J.’s coffee mugs and insulated cups…all of which I would eventually love to own!

In addition to their choice of coffees, P.J.’s offers a selection of muffins, coffee cake, croissants, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and scones. They even have a healthier version of a breakfast sandwich made with egg whites and turkey sausage. During Carnival season, they sell King Cakes from Randazzo’s Bakery ~ whole and by the slice. The only improvements I would ask for ~ sell paninis for lunch AND add almond croissants to your pastry options. {Those were my favorite things at Caffé Nero!}

Finally…as if I needed any further incentive for regularly scheduled visits, there is a P.J.’s app that offers rewards for purchases by scanning the code on their receipts. When you sign up for P.J.’s rewards, you get the following benefits:

  • Free “Welcome” drink
  • 5 points for every $1 you spend
  • 100 points = $1.00 off a single purchase
  • 200 points = One free drink
  • Free Birthday drink
  • Exclusive offers for members only
  • Store locator so you can find the closest P.J.’s

Have you been to P.J.’s? If you have, what’s your favorite drink/flavor combination? If not, what are you waiting for? Go try their coffee and tell us what you think! There are convenient locations throughout Southern Louisiana and even a few places in Mississippi {Gulf Coast, McComb}.

Until next time…

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