The Joys of Grandparenthood

Grandma and Grandbaby Hands
Sweet Tiny Little Baby Hands

Our granddaughter is now 8 weeks old and it seems like she only arrived sometime last week.

It’s been fun watching her grow and develop from the ever-sleeping tiny newborn to the more wakeful, articulate, slightly older infant she is now. I love how her little eyes catch mine, followed by a conversation punctuated with coos and other adorable baby noises when it’s her “turn” to respond. I can even coax a few little smiles from her and my heart melts every time.

When I look at her tiny hands and feet, I’m reminded of the fact that my kiddos were once that small…and that, before too long, my granddaughter will be walking, talking, learning, and experiencing things that will shape her as a person. Eventually, she’ll be too big to fit snugly into my arms and her little baby hands will grow into bigger, more curious ones as she explores the world. Will she play a musical instrument? Or paint? Or sculpt? Will she want to be a doctor or veterinarian, using her hands to heal others? What will her handwriting look like when she signs her name or writes me a letter?

When my daughter was about 2 or 3, she toddled up to me one day and, in her cute little girlie voice, she asked me to touch my thumb to hers. When I did, she made a kissing noise and explained to me that she had given me a “thumb kiss”. The sheer memory of it brings a sentimental tear to my eye even now {how do we survive motherhood through the floods of tears elicited by our children behaving so adorably ~ or driving us crazy with frustration}? I can’t wait until my granddaughter learns how to do thumb kisses; I plan to have many boxes of tissues handy for that and all the other tear-jerking moments we’ll have.

Maybe one day, when this picture resurfaces, she’ll marvel at just how small her baby hand was, compared to mine. Most likely, she’ll hold her hand up to mine for an updated comparison and take a picture for her historical collection. I’d like to think that she would carry on the tradition of {comparison} hand photographs with her children and grandchildren.

And thumb kisses, too. ❤

Until next time…

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