What the Fleur-de-Lis Means To Us

Because Chris and I spent many years away from home, we really appreciate what it means to be back. Although we had the privilege of growing up in such a great, tight-knit community, we both left the city thinking that living elsewhere would be an improvement. We were both in our early 20’s when we moved away and didn’t fully appreciate that what made New Orleans special and unique would be what we would eventually miss the most.

Our home city experienced tragedy and triumph during our time away. We watched our families and friends survive and rebuild after the devastation of Katrina and then enjoy a much-needed celebration when the Saints won the Superbowl a few years later. Any time our city made news, for whatever reason, we felt our hearts being pulled back a little stronger each time. When the Hubigs factory burned down, it was like losing a part of ourselves. Whenever a much-loved New Orleans business permanently closed, we mourned another part of what made our city so awesome. We may have returned home a few years apart but we both agree that being back feels right to both of us. The fleur-de-lis, which is everywhere we look, reminds us that we’re home again, but there were certain items bearing the fleur-de-lis that helped us to feel connected to the familiarity of our city while we lived away, too. {If you have a cherished item that reminds you of your home city, we’d love to hear about it!}. Ours are as follows:

New Orleans Saints baseball caps
1 of Chris’s N.O. Saints hats.

Chris owns 3 Saints caps and they did more than keep his head warm in the Pennsylvania winters; they proudly displayed his loyalty to his home team even living in another state. He received many comments during his time there, some people even asked why he was wearing it. We New Orleanians are fervently supportive of our Saints, regardless of how far we live from home. Their Superbowl victory is something we still smile about, too. As far as we’re concerned ~ you can take the Saints fan out of the Who Dat Nation, but you can’t take the Who Dat Nation {loyalty} out of the Saints fan.

Fleur de Lis pendant necklace
A piece of home proudly displayed in a pretty necklace.

My mom was a very thoughtful, generous woman. She respected my decision to move to another country, and she always knew how to ease the extreme feelings of homesickness by sending me care packages filled with things she knew would comfort me. She catered to my love of jewelry every chance she got and, for Christmas one year, she sent me a beaded necklace with a fleur-de-lis pendant, which I absolutely love. Her taste in jewelry was the same as mine; I can honestly say that every piece of jewelry she chose for me over the years is something I most likely would have chosen for myself. This fleur-de-lis necklace is no exception. ❤

Mr Bingle joins the Who Dat Nation
A much-loved New Orleans icon who turned Who Dat.

Mr. Bingle is a New Orleans icon that brings back fond memories of Christmas at Maison Blanche on Canal Street in New Orleans. There were always long lines to see Santa Claus and an option to have “Breakfast with Mr. Bingle” at the department store’s restaurant. While waiting in line, we could see the extravagant holiday displays and anyone who grew up back then has their own memories of Santa Claus and Mr. Bingle. My family sent my daughter a Who Dat Mr. Bingle one year, his sweater bearing a fleur-de-lis. Mr. Bingle wearing a Saints sweater is the epitome of New Orleans.

The birth of our granddaughter, Lily, made our fleur-de-lis {“Flower of the Lily”} logo more meaningful for us. It’s one of the reasons, apart from our city’s heritage, that we sell fleur-de-lis merchandise. We will be looking for more awesome fleur-de-lis items for our shop in the coming months so watch this space.

We hope you’re enjoying cooler temperatures now that October is here. Thanks for visiting us!

Until next time…

Fleur de Cee's company logo


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