The Times Grill ~ Our Quest For “The Best of the Best” Burger Continues

In Chris’s effort to find the “Best of the Best” burger in our area, we decided to stop in at our local Times Grill restaurant, at the train depot in Slidell. It’s a pretty cool place with old signs, pictures, and sports memorabilia on the walls. The tables are spaced comfortably enough apart to not feel claustrophobic.

One of the nicest things about this restaurant is the Barq’s Root Beer in the long-neck bottles. It tastes so much better that way, as opposed to when it’s served as a “fountain drink”. Gotta have our Bawq’s in da long-neck bottle, dawlin’! While we waited for our food, we took a few pictures, some silly, some of the restaurant interior. Chris and I rarely have a meal alone together so it was a chance for us to have a “date”.

The food took longer than we expected, despite the restaurant being mostly empty. To her credit, the waitress came over to apologize and let us know we wouldn’t be waiting much longer. We’re not sure what the hold-up was, but we appreciated the apology and order status. When we got our food, we were underwhelmed by its appearance and the side portion size. For nearly $10.00 a meal, we expected more. In New Orleans, po’boys, sandwiches, and burgers are “dressed” {lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, etc.} and, in this case, the dressing wasn’t pretty. The lettuce looked wilted and the overall presentation didn’t look appetizing. I think they gave me more pickles to compensate for the poor quality/quantity of lettuce and I wound up taking the lettuce off because it was discolored in some places. The sides were both cold as though they’d been sitting there for a little while. The onion rings were on the salty side, and the sweet potato fries were “okay”. One thing I will say is that the burgers were both cooked as requested. We always ask for “medium” done only to wind up with overdone burgers, but this was one of the rare occasions that we got our burgers cooked properly, albeit under-seasoned. In retrospect, we both agree that we should have sent our food back but we’d already waited long enough and had other things to do that day.

In conclusion, I’ll leave you, our readers, with some parting thoughts. I came here a few years ago and remember the food being a lot better…not awesome, but better. Chris had never been but really wanted to try the burgers on the basis that his dad said he’d had the best burger he’d ever eaten at this restaurant. The sign does say “World Famous Hamburgers”, which is what we expected when we went there. I have read the reviews on their Facebook page and the 4 and 5-star ratings are abundant. I genuinely believe that we came on an “off day” at the restaurant and wouldn’t write The Times Grill off completely. The experience wasn’t awful and the burgers weren’t that bad but it wasn’t good value for money, based on portion size or quality. Will we go back? Of course we will. Despite our experience this time, I’m optimistic that we’ll see the “World Famous” standard burgers that The Times Grill is known for.


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