A Unique Illustration of Motion

As someone who likes to approach my WordPress courses from a unique angle, I spent a few days trying to figure out how I was going to approach my Developing Your Eye II Day 5 Assignment, “Moment ~ Capturing Motion”. The thing is, I didn’t want to take a photo of something in motion, indicated by the blur of movement. I’ve taken such photos before and, for me, this course is about more than just the photographs. I’m a writer who likes to tell a story behind a picture. It’s another reason I look for a different angle when it comes to my assignments.

The idea for this post came to me in the shower ~ where most of my inspiration happens! ~ and the more I thought about it, the more inspired I was to do a post about the most profound motion of all ~ this thing we call LIFE. From the moment life begins, we are propelled into a constant state of motion. We grow, learn, progress, and move forward with the flow of time. Nothing stops. Neither life nor time ever stands still. Photography is the opposite of motion. Taking pictures is how we freeze the moments we want to remember. Photographs serve as proof of our existence. They reflect so much about how the world is in that moment. They allow us to pause for a little while and remember events and people. They document the relationships we have with special people who happen to cross our path.

The funny thing about time is that we don’t notice the subtle changes until we see an old{er} photo of ourselves or our loved ones or run into someone we haven’t seen in a while. Life is a perpetual motion that goes by unnoticed or unacknowledged until there’s an event, milestone, new month or year. On the 1st day of every month, I almost always shake my head and wonder how the previous month passed so quickly. It’s the same with birthdays; age may be only a number, but I still think, “Jeez, how can I be that old?” or “Damn! My kiddos have grown up way too fast!”

Blame the rat race for making us feel so rushed for time that we forget the fact that LIFE is passing us by. What are we rushing for when we were put here to LIVE? People stress over “running late” or “working overtime”. Schedules are far too busy because there’s “so much to do”. Hell, we lose sleep because we’re constantly thinking about the “have to’s” and meeting deadlines. What we should be doing is enjoying simplicity. The whole “keeping up with the Joneses” shenanigans is not the way to live. I would rather spend my time on this Earth NOT running so much.

Time passes far too quickly, as shown in the pictures I chose for this assignment. I remember the day my Senior picture was taken. I remember how I felt when I posed for the camera ~ filled with anticipation, knowing that my whole life was ahead of me. I was as old as my daughter is now. It doesn’t seem possible that 34 years have passed. When I look at the pictures of my kiddos, I remember them at those ages. I remember the day our granddaughter arrived and she’s already nearly 4 months old. Life continues to move forward at full speed. The blur of an object or a person in motion might make for an interesting photograph, but it seems more profound to illustrate the speed at which life passes by showing the progression of age. Quite frankly, for Chris and me, a half-century has seemed like no time at all.



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