Rocky & Carlo’s: You’ll Wanna Get Da Dinnah, Dawlin!

When Chris returned to Louisiana last March, it was only natural that he wanted to go to the places he frequented in his younger days. One restaurant, in particular, held fond memories for him ~ Rocky & Carlo’s, due to their varied menu and the people who worked there. The thing about New Orleans is, no matter where we go, we almost always meet someone who makes our adventures that much more interesting. In other words, there’s always a real character we remember for years. Many years ago, Chris remembers a lady who served the food and, in true New Orleans fashion, she urged his friend to, “Get da dinnah, dawlin’! Ya don’t want da sammich, ya want da dinnah!” In her own special charming way, she most likely convinced many diners to “get da dinnah” instead of just settling for “da sammich”.

rocky & carlo's exterior image
In case you weren’t sure, ladies ARE welcome. 🙂

When we first walked into Rocky & Carlo’s many months ago, it was exactly as Chris recalled, despite having been rebuilt after Katrina. We have been there a few times since and decided {on our last visit} that we would review the restaurant.

As with many popular restaurants that boast great food, the exterior is clean but a bit plain…not that there’s anything wrong with that. The sign is easy to see without being “in your face”. We always chuckle at the “Ladies Invited” sign in the window {for the full story of Rocky & Carlo’s, you can read this article published in the Times Picayune a couple of years ago} while highly anticipating their delicious food.

Rocky and Carlo's counter image
Food, glorious food.

Inside is a spacious dining area with self-seating. Service is cafeteria style, with a variety of choices. For the complete menu, reviews, and photos, you can visit their listing on Zomato to give you an idea of the food serving sizes and prices.

We decided to order a hamburger and one serving of mac and cheese so we could share. This place does NOT skimp on portion sizes, so it’s very good value for money. If your food is “made to order”, you can have a seat and someone will bring it out to you. What we love about this place is that they have Barq’s Root Beer in long-neck bottles. Additionally, they give you a plastic cup that you can take with you when you leave as a souvenir.

Rocky and Carlo's Burger and Mac/Cheese image
Half a burger, half a portion of mac and cheese!

When our food arrived, we couldn’t believe the size of the burger and we both were immediately glad we decided to split one. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of the burger before we halved it, but we did take a picture of one plate after we divided the food. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t do it justice, but it was one of the best burgers I’ve eaten in my life, hands down. The mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food and it’s easy to eat a whole plate before you’ve realized it. It’s a generous portion of food for the price and we’ve never been disappointed. The restaurant is a 20’ish-minute drive from where we live and, to be honest, it’s really a blessing that we don’t live closer because we would have a more difficult time staying away!

I think what sets this place apart is the fact that they cook from the heart. These people understand New Orleanians’ love of food and they’ve perfected their menu to keep their customers coming back. The atmosphere in the dining area is very relaxed and it’s not too loud in there, which is conducive to having a nice chat over your meal.

Plenty of tables for your dining pleasure.

If you’re looking for a casual restaurant with a varied menu of great food at reasonable prices, Rocky and Carlo’s is definitely one to check out.

Make sure you bring your appetite!

Bon Appétit!


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