Southside Café: Serving Seafood Gumbo “Better Than Ya Momma’s”!

One of the blessings of living in the New Orleans metropolitan area is that, when it comes to restaurants, we’re spoiled for choice. Having said that, it can also feel like a curse because there’s not enough time or money to eat at ALL the restaurants!

Still…we manage.

New Orleanians love their food; tourists visit the city, in anticipation of a great culinary experience. With so many options, it’s sometimes hard to please everyone when deciding where to eat.

Enter Southside Café {located at 3154 Pontchartrain Dr., in Slidell}. Whether you’re driving from the South shore or anywhere on the North shore, the restaurant is easy to get to and well worth the drive from New Orleans, Mandeville or beyond. Their extensive menu is varied enough to please everyone and the restaurant also does an all-day Sunday brunch. There’s ample parking, 2 entrances and 3 dining areas ~ main, extended, and a separate smaller, more open area {just inside the left-hand entrance} ~ with plenty of seating to go around.

We arrived {for lunch with Chris’s dad} shortly after opening {11am}; it was still relatively quiet, but it started getting crowded soon after. We sat in the extended dining area, which was a really nice part of the restaurant but the noise rose to almost unbearable levels as the tables filled up. While some people might not mind loud talking, we didn’t like it {being introverts and all…}. If you prefer a quieter setting, we recommend staying in the main area where the bar is, or the smaller area by the left entrance.

We were served fairly quickly, even after the restaurant filled up. As always, a plus for us is Barq’s Root Beer served in long-neck bottles. They’ll even frost your glass for you, in lieu of ice. Chris’s father ordered a plate of red beans and rice with smoked sausage and French bread for dipping. Although we didn’t get a picture, we can tell you that the portion is generous. He asked the waitress if the dish was spicy and she said she didn’t think so, but it turned out to be too spicy. It’s probably best to ask that they dial down the spice if that’s your preference. It was so hot, he broke a sweat. His meal came with a green salad which looked really nice and it was also a generous portion.

Chris ordered a bowl of seafood gumbo {also available in a smaller “cup” size} and a green salad. The gumbo was a generous portion and well seasoned. According to the menu, “it’s better than ya momma’s”. Chris’s momma never made gumbo so he can’t really vouch for that claim, but we’d like to hear from anyone else who ever has the chance to make that comparison. I ordered the chicken parmesan sandwich, expecting that it would be an average sized sandwich. WRONG! It arrived open-faced with some pickles as a garnish and, quite frankly, I’d never seen a chicken sandwich that big before. I gave Chris a quarter of it and I still couldn’t eat it all. If you’re a fan of chicken parmesan, you’ll wanna try this. It was delicious. The sweet potato fries were delicious and well seasoned. When I say the portions were generous, I mean they were generous as in, “Oh my God, how am I going to eat all that food?!” and “I’m gonna need a box for the leftovers.”

We had a coupon clipped from a local discount magazine ~ {I found a printable one for our readers! Clicking the link will open a new tab. → $10 off $45+} ~ and the price of 3 meals and 2 drinks didn’t even go over $45. Chris’s father decided we should get dessert {and who are we to argue?!}. They didn’t have the bread pudding we wanted, but we got 3 servings of apple cobbler, 2 with a scoop of ice cream and one without. Again, a very generous portion and I must say it was sublime.  We walked out of the restaurant {in a food coma} with 2 boxes and we were already planning our next visit.

Southside Café is a nice casual restaurant with plenty to look at, reasonably priced delicious food, generous portions, a varied menu, and it’s not too far away if you’re in New Orleans or anywhere on the North shore of Lake Pontchartrain. I’ve included an image gallery so you can see the restaurant’s exterior/interior and the food for an idea of portion size.

Bon Appétit!

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