The Importance Of Unwavering Faith

St. Louis Cathedral image
Beacon of Faith

On a recent trip to the French Quarter, Chris and I had the chance to visit St. Louis Cathedral. I’d been there several times during my life but, this time, I saw it through different eyes. My faith is now stronger than ever before; stronger, because it has evolved into something far more meaningful. I spent my life in a Catholic school, but my young mind didn’t truly appreciate how important it is to have a relationship with God. I went to church because my father insisted I go. I said prayers before I was old enough to grasp the meaning of the words. Understand that my religious education didn’t begin with my parents; my mother was Presbyterian and my father was Catholic, but he didn’t have it in him to talk to me about God before he decided to send me to a parochial school. I knew what it meant to believe in and love God but, the way the nuns taught Catechism made me feel afraid to do anything wrong just to avoid going to hell. As I got older, I observed the nuns abusing our more “rebellious” classmates and the hypocrisy wasn’t lost on me. I knew that what they were doing wasn’t right.

Later, during my second marriage, I questioned my faith because I didn’t understand how God allowed the abuse at the hands of my then-husband. I felt angry at God, asking Him {almost daily} why I suffered. Eventually, I realized that I was meant to experience abuse in its many aspects; it was my purpose to educate other victims, show compassion and support, help them escape, and rebuild their lives. I found another Cathedral where I lived and it was there that I started talking to God in my own words and not mindlessly recited prayers. My conversations with Him filled me with great comfort during those rough periods and my faith was not only restored but also continues to strengthen with every conversation. Visiting the Cathedral with Chris, knowing that his faith is as strong as mine, means a lot to me.

The Cathedral is a beacon that draws people from miles away and it serves to remind us how important our faith is, especially during rough times. As we were walking toward it, we felt enveloped by its inviting air of comfort. We noticed things we’d never noticed before ~ the details in the architecture. It truly is beautiful, but it’s not just the architecture or the sheer size of the building.

It’s the undeniable awareness that, compared to its size, our faith is infinitely bigger.

Until next time…

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