Julia’s Hair Studio: The End Of Bad Hair Days In a Great Small-Town Salon

You know when you find THE perfect hairdresser and you can’t bring him with you when you move 4,000 miles back to your hometown? That was my predicament nearly 5 years ago when I left the U.K., and I have experienced the struggle of finding a new one…until a couple of weeks ago. It turns out, she was only a 4-minute drive away all along, which goes to show that you can look far and wide for something you need, only to find that it’s been right under your nose the whole time.

My first salon experience upon my return was a total nightmare. My hair was pretty long at the time and I wanted a shoulder-length bob. I even brought a picture for reference. The first cut she made was at my nape and, in seconds, I lost 5 inches of my hair. Heaven knows where she learned anatomy because the last time I checked my shoulders are a tad lower than my nape. By the time it was all over, I had myself an angled bob…and then I went home and cried. After a few weeks, I decided it wasn’t so bad, but it took me a while to grow it out again. The salons I tried after that were either too far {my sister took me to the salon she goes to, but it’s about an hour away}, too pricey, too overbooked {the girl was splitting her time between me and a few other clients. Ugh!} or just too snobby and pretentious.

The exterior is cute and inviting.

Enter Julia’s Hair Studio in Slidell. As mentioned before, this place is only a few minutes away from where I live. I made contact with one of the stylists there, Lisa, and she had an available appointment the next day. Very sweet lady. I arrived about 10 – 15 minutes early, but that was no problem for her; she took me immediately. The salon was like something you’d see in Steel Magnolias; it had a very small-town-y feel to it, which is exactly what I wanted. I could instantly see myself as a regular client, as Lisa made me feel very comfortable from start to finish. When she washed my hair, she didn’t splash me in the face like many have done before, nor was she rough or clumsy like many before.

She looked at the picture I brought and I felt like she understood exactly what I wanted. The salon itself is not noisy or chaotic. It’s actually quite peaceful. What I liked about it was the fact that I was Lisa’s only client for the entire time. She wasn’t telling me she’d “be right back” to go tend to someone else. I really hate when that happens and got some bad highlights at a previous salon. When I book an appointment, I want their full attention because, when they’re distracted, they’re usually not listening to what I want.

Julia's Hair Studio interior
Spacious small-town salon

Lisa asked me about my bangs and was happy to trim them a bit shorter at the end. I thought she styled my hair very well. My hair didn’t feel heavy with hair products. I don’t like the residue that most products leave behind. She used hair mousse that made my hair feel soft and manageable. Another plus: she asked me if I wanted hair spray instead of assuming I did. {I didn’t.}

Julia's Hair Studio flag image
Julia’s Hair Studio = Proudly Patriotic

For a wash, cut,  blow-dry, and style, I paid $30, which is reasonable. I’ve paid more for a trim at some places, which is why I haven’t gone back to those places. Another thing I liked about the salon is the American flag prominently displayed in the front window. Any establishment that shows its patriotism is a good one in my book.

Something that almost never happens is a salon style that lasts a few days after. I got away with minimal fuss, which left me feeling like it was money well spent. Nearly 2 weeks later, I spend very little time on fixing my hair. It’s a really good cut, easily maintained, for a reasonable cost, by a really nice person, in a great small-town salon. What more could anyone ask for?

Julia’s Hair Studio is located at 1137 Fremaux Avenue in Slidell. It’s not too far from the I-10 if you’re coming from New Orleans or elsewhere on the North Shore. I’d say it’s definitely worth the drive if you’re not happy with the salons in your locale.

Check out my before and after shots below.

To find out more about Julia’s Hair Studio and/or book an appointment, check out their Facebook Page for reviews, contact numbers, and map.

Until next time…


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