Why You May Like Keeping An Art Journal

leather-bound journal image
Special Journal by a special man. ❤

When Chris and I reunited, he gave me a beautiful leather-bound journal for Valentine’s Day. It’s not like any of the other journals in my collection; before he gave it to me, I’d never seen a journal like it. It’s for that reason that I want to fill it with something more meaningful…more “keepsake-y”.

Inside, there are 3 smaller books that are replaceable but, again, I won’t be doing that. The first book has lined pages, the second has blank calendar pages, and the third has blank pages. I’m still unsure about what to do with the lined pages and calendar pages, but I decided to fill the blank pages with my art ~ an art journal. I’ve never kept such a journal before, probably because it was either something I never thought of doing or I lacked the confidence due to the fact that I can’t draw to save my life; I’ve always felt that my art skills have been limited to “abstract” decorative drawing, but now I think, “So what? It’s MY brand of art!”

I’m 9 pages in and I’m surprised by how much I’m enjoying it. When the journal’s filled, I’m going to continue in a 5.5″ x 8.5″ sketch pad. The beauty of journalling is that there are no limits to the journal’s contents. I have multiple journals for different aspects of my life and the possibilities are endless.

My art journal consists of daily entries based on my mood, special interests, historical memories, events or tributes to certain people in my life. If there’s space on the page once I’m finished creating, I’ll include a relevant quote or story and specific hashtags so that people can find them on my social media. On Day 3, I did a piece inspired by my mom and used the #grief hashtag which helped others {who also were experiencing grief} find my artwork and pass comment.

I’ve decided to post my Art Journal pieces here with some background stories and really hope that our readers enjoy this new series. To start, here’s my first Art Journal entry. I would appreciate any feedback!

To my readers, I ask: 1. Do you keep one or more journals? 2. Do you keep an art journal? 3. What inspires your entries? 4. Do you find journalling therapeutic? I would love to hear about your ideas and inspirations!

Until next time…

Art Journal Page 1 image
First Art Journal Entry

I decided to start my Art Journal with something positive. The pages of the journal are small and the kit I used only allows me to do half of a mandala. I honestly don’t mind; I think that the beauty of art is that there are no rules. The quotes I included are as follows:

“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like SUNBEAMS and you will always look lovely.” ~ Roald Dahl

“Keep your face always toward the SUNSHINE and the shadows will fall behind you.” ~ Walt Whitman

Materials: I created this artwork with a “Pattern Creation” mandala kit we bought through the U.K. school fund-raising company “Yellow Moon” while my daughter was still in school. I tried to find a link to this product but, sadly, I think it’s not available anymore, but you can click here to see what the kit looks like. I also used Sakura Pigma Micron Fine Point Pens* to stencil the patterns and Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils* to color them in.

*NOTE: This post contains affiliate links, denoted by an “*”. Clicking on these links costs you nothing; should you decide to purchase the product{s} mentioned here, I get a small commission that I can use towards bills or a cup of coffee. I do not link to any product or service that I don’t own or haven’t used myself. I do not recommend any products that I wouldn’t personally endorse.


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