The University of Life

very year around this time, I watch a new batch of high school graduates being cruelly pushed out into the "real world", thinking, "Shit's about to get real for y'all." The beginning of the rude awakening that is adulthood. Face it, adulthood is mega hyped, isn't it? As naive little kids, we're fooled into thinking … Continue reading The University of Life


Rocky & Carlo’s: You’ll Wanna Get Da Dinnah, Dawlin!

rocky & carlo's exterior image

When Chris returned to Louisiana last March, it was only natural that he wanted to go to the places he frequented in his younger days. One restaurant, in particular, held fond memories for him ~ Rocky & Carlo's, due to their varied menu and the people who worked there. The thing about New Orleans is, … Continue reading Rocky & Carlo’s: You’ll Wanna Get Da Dinnah, Dawlin!